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  1. Who are we?

Sports Fan is a monthly magazine that came to life five years ago after the outcome of a thorough research which concluded that despite that sport activities have been sidelined in this country, there is a need for the public to know what is going in such a lucrative field. Evidence shows that Uganda is well behind in terms of Sport in general compared to other surrounding countries and we believe that the nature of information provided in our magazine (Sports Fan) will not only assist to attract more sponsors and bring money in the sector, but  it will also reshape our current vision on sport.


Taking the above facts, we are currently the sole magazine in Uganda which offers unique, tangible and verifiable information in sport. Of course, as a young magazine, we are currently covering Kampala region with a monthly 2,000 publications but our vision is to serve the whole Uganda (at national level) in the next three (3) years to come and the project is feasible. We treat our readers with high esteem and respect and as such our customers are at the centre of our attention. It is therefore our duty to feed them (on time) with the right information they cannot get anywhere else. Being unique and the sole source of information in the sector remains an advantage (added value) football clubs would rely on to mobilize their fans, recruit sponsors, market their substitutes products, compete with others, and finally inform the public about their activities, current achievements and where they’re heading to. Use us for a better future.

Our Goal

To offer football lovers trusted, authentic, agenda-free reporting and storytelling with the highest level photography and design. Sports Fan Magazine goes deeper than the scores, moderating the national sports conversation for almost 5 years, first through the flagship print magazine, and now across more than three platforms reaching a collective audience of more than a million.

Our Objectives

The initial objectives of The Sports Fan are as follows:

  1. To have 100,000 subscribers by the end of 2019-2020 season through direct sampling and marketing.
  2. To teach football fans their roles in their clubs
  3. To teach clubs other venues of generating income besides the gate collections through workshops and seminars

Program Vision:

To recruit, train, and retain sport business leaders of the future that allow us to compete regionally to attract nationally.

To promote footballers at any level. The magazine has a commitment to be a platform to profile ballers who are representing footballing vision in the marketplace and who can both encourage and provide role models to other men and women. Through its magazine, social Medias, and editorial content, will be a vessel to inform ballers about game principles in everyday business and will encourage interaction among ballers as business people.

To build a unique ability team of students who have a collective passion for an education in sports business and compete based on their sport industry experience. In doing so, the company prepares students to compete for and get jobs based on unique experiences, mentors, skills, and relationships that they develop during their time in our programs. While enrolled in the program students should compete regionally for internships, and once finished they should attract nationally for paid positions.


Program Objectives (Goals):

To guide are sports men down clearly defined career paths based on their unique

abilities and personal passions in the sport industry.

  • To treat our sports men more as professionals than as amateurs so that they are

prepared to compete with any sport business/management program in the world.

  • To help our footballer’s package, promote, and sell their unique skill sets to potential employers.
  • To attract opportunities (jobs) versus constantly chasing opportunities (jobs).
  • To utilize all resources at our disposals both online and offline to help footballers

grow a personal brand that is clearly defined for their target audience/market.

  • Be known as the go to, must have sport industry professionals in our market.

•To stand out by looking different and running faster than our competition


Contact Details


P.O.Box 33125 Kampala, Uganda

Suite SF04, Lukuli-Nanganda road, Makindye

Telephone: +256 393 225 898, +256 700 251 042

Email: [email protected]